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Bethlehem PA Book Signing

My first Meet and Greet and book signing for Home Is Where You're Cooking was a great success! I would like to thank Bill and Sue Dech, owners of The Nest Bar and Grill along with their staff for hosting me. Not only is the food and drinks amazing but so is their service and hospitality. I had the opportunity to try their Cheesesteak made with homemade cheese wiz and their pickle back shot (with homemade pickle brine) both recipes from owner Bill Dech and both were outstanding! So, if you ever have the chance to stop in, you won't be sorry you did.

The amount of support from the many people who came out to meet me and have me autograph their book was humbling and an experience I will never forget. I was able to meet people in person that I have built friendships with over the course of the last two-three years that follow me on my social media platforms. People traveled hours to come out and meet me. Perfect strangers. I was able to talk about the birth of Home Is Where You're Cooking, what inspired me to write it, answers questions about my recipes and dishes and talk about future plans for Angel's Kitchen and Cocktails. I was able to personally thank many people who have helped me and given me advice and shared knowledge and tips with me throughout my journey. I will always be grateful to those who believed in my vision and in me.

Lastly, I was able to get out and explore Bethlehem some and the nigh life there with some people I met through social media. People who were once strangers but now I call my friends.

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