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About Me

Angel Miele is a person of many talents and an entrepreneur. She has a passion for life in general, family, traveling, cooking, food, wine, and cocktails. She often says her happy place is the kitchen and cooking is an outlet for her. She believes wine should be added to the list of major food groups since it pairs well with most everything. Angel is a self-taught home chef who learned a lot of her cooking skills and methods growing up watching her grandmother, mother and aunts cook. As she grew up she developed her own style of cooking but never forgot her roots and where she came from. Food seemed to be the one thing that has always brought her family together. She wanted to write a cookbook that not only would showcase beautiful, delicious meals but would convey her love for both family and food.

Angel resides in Jacksonville Florida with her husband  Chris, and three children Savannah, Merle Jr., and Angelina. She has two grandchildren, London and Iris. Before she decided to become an Author, her professional career started off in her early twenties in the beauty industry where she became a licensed cosmetologist, make-up artist and managed full-service salons and spas. She then pursued her long-time dream of becoming a model, and actress and checked something off her bucket list when she was titled Mrs. Jacksonville in her early 40's and competed in the Mrs. Florida beauty pageant. 

When she met her husband Chris, she had her third child Angelina who was born with a rare neurological disorder called Rett Syndrome. Her daughter required around-the-clock care and Angel stopped working outside of the home and became a stay-at-home mother and caretaker to her daughter. She began to advocate for Medically Complex and Special Needs Children. In 2016, she started a movement called Advocate For Change where she worked with her local city councilman to introduce a Bill to add Adult Changing Tables to Local & Statewide Building Code that passed in July 2019.

In her free time, when she isn't at her home with family or working on her next project, you can most likely find her at a wine tasting, poolside with a mimosa, or on a beach sipping a cocktail.

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